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You Are Here.

To really learn more about me, however, it's best that you leave this site and check out my many projects below:

EatBigApple English

One of New York's top fine dining food blogs. I run this.

EatBigApple Chinese

Food blogging in Chinese. 看得懂中文嗎?

Five Coin Game

Documenting the school yard game of strategy, skill, and reflex.

IndoNatural-USA Herbal Supplements

U.S. import partner of Indonesia's Sido Muncul.


Code to Dreams, Dreams to Code. Makers of iOS App Instant Supercar & LogVu.

Attigo Virtual Language Immersion

Practice a foreign language from the comforts of your home, with a native speaker.

Pay4Bugs Software Testing

The world's crowd-sourced software testing marketplace.

Instant Supercar

Critically acclaimed lifestyle iPhone app.